Kim's Panorama Assignment

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Jr' High Playground Panorama 

For this Panorama, I used the reception effect on Photoshop Elements 12. I like this one the best out of the three because I like how the play structure is there with the snow on the ground and the trees combining with the sky. It looks like its filtered but its not. The sky at the time I took this picture was pretty good and it added contrast to the picture. But what's disappointing is that, only two pictures worked when it was merged and I didn't like how the other Panorama categories merge the pictures. Only the reception effect worked for me.

Pictures I used to create this Panorama :

Dominion/Downing Street Panorama 

For this Panorama I used the Spherical effect and It came out well when I filled in the sides it didn't have any imperfections. I just don't like how it looked tilted and the road kind of ruined the picture.

Pictures I used to create this Panorama :

Sargent Park Panorama




For this Panorama, I used three panorama categories. Cylindrical, Auto and Spherical. I don't think it made a lot of difference changing the effect. The only thing I think changed is the direction of the picture as you can see above, the spherical effect look much different than the auto and cylindrical one. The Sargent Park rock and the building look farther even though I cropped it to hide the bad stuff when it was filled in. While the auto effect looks like a normal panorama that you can do with your phone, it's lined up and the cylindrical one I don't really know how to explain it. It looks like it bulged up or it's like a spherical and auto effect combined. By the way I filled in all of it and it looks okay. I just had to crop the last one but just a little bit to remove the imperfections. 

Pictures I used to create this Panorama :


Justine's Photomerge Scene Cleaner

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Here's my Photomerge Scene Cleaner Assignment:
Here are the pictures I used:

For this assignment, the equipment that you will need are a camera and a tripod. To create this kind of photo, take 4-6 photos with models and for this one I have Charlene and Heart. Take multiple photos of them doing something, it wouldn't work if the models stays in the same shot, so they have to move.The background has to be the same and the lighting too. After taking photos, you proceed to merging the photos using the app called “Adobe Photoshop”. First off click open and pick the images you want to merge. After this, go “Enhance” and select the “Photomerge Scene Cleaner “. The pictures will load after you have selected them. Now Photomerge Scene Cleaner will have two boxes, the right one is for the one you're merging and the left side the one where your final product is. After merging your photos just click done and save and you're finally finished!

The story behind this picture is nothing fancy, it’s  just getting together with someone you’re close with and being happy with each other. I took the pictures near Christmas holiday so I thought a christmas theme one!


Haifa's Panorama Post

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Panorama Perspective
Panorama Collage
Panorama Sphyrical

     This is my panorama. The first one I used was Perspective. As you can see it's the only one that was not filled up. It's different from the other two because it's perspective is in the middle. The second one was Collage, you can see the basketball hoop, and the fence is not really lined up with the rest, so it's like the floor went down a bit. The third photo is Sphyrical, it looks


Rachille's Photomerge Scene Cleaner

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Here is my photomerge scene cleaner assignment.

To make this image, first you had to take a bunch of pictures of a person in different positions. Make sure your camera is on a tripod so the shots are as still as possible. For this photo, Louanne was my model. I told her to go in a certain position and took a shot. I took about 10 different photos for me to choose from.

I edited this photo in Photoshop Elements and used the photomerge scene cleaner mode. It was pretty easy, but I had some difficulty sometimes editting the small details in this photo. For example, the colour of the floor and the lockers because blotches would appear as I editted the photo.

The pictue is showing a girl (Louanne) who's trying to get to the other side. But she can't do it by herself, so she needed a boost.

Here are some of the photo I used:


Kimberly's Photomerge Scene Cleaner

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This is my Photomerge and Scene Cleaner Assignment.

     To effortlessly take this type of imagery, you will need three things: a camera, a model or models, and a tripod—because trust me, no matter how hard you try, you can’t persistently stay still. Start off with your models trying different poses and facial expressions. Experiment with your model’s positioning to help convey your story. When taking your pictures, always consider if there had been any background changes in your photos that could impact your end result. Something as simple as a shadow or a slight shift to the left could easily disturb the alignment of your photos—making it more difficult to blend.

     To merge your photos, you would use Adobe Photoshop Elements. From the three sections, you would choose “expert,” start off with opening your background picture. Then, click file, place, to insert your next picture. Once your picture is set and aligned, you can erase any unnecessary space. Continue the process until you are happy with your result. With my picture, I actually ended up selecting specific areas by using the lasso and magic wand icons. I wanted to experiment with exposure and brightness levels to create a fading effect.   

     The story I’m trying to convey is quite heart-rending. The story begins with a couple of best friends; two individuals who brings out each other’s best qualities. No matter the circumstances—you know, you always have someone to catch you when you fall. That person who will climb mountains, just to see you once again. However, when you thought to be at the peak, you were foolishly mistaken. Life is not a movie; you don’t always get happily ever afters. We make mistakes abundantly, such as trusting people too easily. That person who we always thought to be by our side won’t be there forever. There are factors in life that we can’t always control. That person who was once our best friend could instantly become another face in the crowd.

Photos I Used:


Heart's Photomerge Scene Cleaner

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In order to make this picture, you will need: a tripod, a camera, and a model. As you can see in the picture above, there is not a single picture where the person is blocking another person's angle/ view. Make sure you spread out the pictures. While taking your shots, keep in mind that moving your tripod will cause all the pictures you are going to take to not align with each other. Another tip is that do not EVER play with the brightness while taking these pictures. The shots will end up not blending with each other. To merge your stuff altogether, you will need to go to Photoshop Elements. Out of the three areas, you need to choose "Expert" then open all your files. After that, click "Enhance" at the very top of the screen. Then, the "Photoshop Elements" button then choose "Scene Cleaner". You can watch the full and detailed video tutorial here.

In this picture, coo- coo Francesca is having too much fun playing on a playground structure in the middle of a winter season. One of the scene in this picture is where Francesca is looking down at herself which looks silly because it REALLY seems like she cloned herself into 6 people and decided that it would be a great idea to go outside on a freezing weather and just have fun with herself and her clones. HAHA

These are the raw photos I used:


Jojeff's Photo Merge Scene Cleaner

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To take a photo like this, you need to have a background that doesn't move and then have your model move around. You have make sure that your model keeps in mind that they have to make sure that they don't overlap with the other photos. Making this type of photo is so much easier. You'll need Photoshop Elements 11, 12, 13, or 14 doesn't really matter. Look for the Photomerge Tool, then select the Photomerge SceneCleaner. This is under the Enhance section, but on Photoshop Elements 14 it was moved to be under Guided. Then Select your photos. Afterwards, it will give you a pencil and an eraser tool. The pencil tool is for highlighting items for a photo, to be transferred to another photo. Once you're done, you can save it. You'll have to save it as a .jpg file, so you can use the photo.

Some photo's I used:


Kyla's Panorama Post

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           My first Panorama is created using the Auto layout. Compared to the other two it is the most zoomed out, and angled panorama. It is also the Panorama that has more detail, if you take a look at the right side, you can see more of the door compared to the other two. My second Panorama is created using the Reposition layout. Out of the three panoramas, this one if the most filled up and straight one. I also think this one turned out to be the best one because it filled up all the space. The third Panorama is created using the Spherical layout. This one has more curved edges compared to the other two. If you take a close look, the sides of this panorama is a little bit curved back.

Three Pictures I Used To Create This Panorama:


Charlene's Photomerge Scene Cleaner

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This is my Photomerge Scene Cleaner final copy:

To make this photo you'll need a camera a tripod and some classmates to help convey a story towards the viewer. Without the tripod I don't think anyone could create such a photo. You'll also need to be in a place where the lighting is decent so it doesn't change throughout the photo. Anything could really wreck the  whole process of placing these photos in one. You also need more than one photo to merge all together in the end. The right placing of the models is very crucial to making a photo because over lapping can ruin your it. 

To make this photo I used Adobe Photoshop, which is really useful when editing photography. My photo turned out not as I really wanted it to be. The lighting and the positioning of the models were a problem I couldn't really fix. It took my a short amount of time to create the photo but sadly was not the best I could do. I took multiple photos and chose the ones that looked the best. 

The story of this photo is all about the way you could make someones day better with simple tasks around the school. In this specific photo it shows a class mate leaving their locker after having a long day at school. To make her feel better a letter is placed with the words "Always smile." This may encourage her or make her week better. A simple act can make anyone feel better. 

Here are four photos I used to make this photomerge scene cleaner: