Angeline's Photo Merge Scene Cleaner

5:23 PM Angeline Ebacuado 0 Comments

            This is my photo merge assignment. To make this type of photo, you will need a tripod, a camera and a model. The reason why we need a tripod is that it makes sure that the camera won't move and it will stay in one spot. Then your model is going to pose in different poses and in different spots, you can take a lot of shots as you like. After that you go to Photoshop Elements, go to the enhance and then find the photo merge scene cleaner. Then all of the pictures that you took will be enhance. Now you have to outline the model for each photos, meaning that the model will appear in one picture ( shown above). You have to make sure that the model is not overlapping and that your picture has to portray a story. To make it interesting for the viewers.
           The story of my photo merge is that Coleen ( the model) is walking in a straight direction but something blocked her path. So she had to take a detour to the left and she finds herself in the future. 

Here are 3 photos that where used for photo merge:
  1.   First picture represents the past
  2.  Second picture represents the present
  3. Third picture represents "the door of the future"