Charlene's Photomerge Scene Cleaner

1:57 PM Charlene Fauni 0 Comments

This is my Photomerge Scene Cleaner final copy:

To make this photo you'll need a camera a tripod and some classmates to help convey a story towards the viewer. Without the tripod I don't think anyone could create such a photo. You'll also need to be in a place where the lighting is decent so it doesn't change throughout the photo. Anything could really wreck the  whole process of placing these photos in one. You also need more than one photo to merge all together in the end. The right placing of the models is very crucial to making a photo because over lapping can ruin your it. 

To make this photo I used Adobe Photoshop, which is really useful when editing photography. My photo turned out not as I really wanted it to be. The lighting and the positioning of the models were a problem I couldn't really fix. It took my a short amount of time to create the photo but sadly was not the best I could do. I took multiple photos and chose the ones that looked the best. 

The story of this photo is all about the way you could make someones day better with simple tasks around the school. In this specific photo it shows a class mate leaving their locker after having a long day at school. To make her feel better a letter is placed with the words "Always smile." This may encourage her or make her week better. A simple act can make anyone feel better. 

Here are four photos I used to make this photomerge scene cleaner: