Kim's Photo merge Scene Cleaner

8:52 AM Kim Garcia 0 Comments


On this project, I used the "Photomerge Scene Cleaner" tool from Adobe Photoshop Elements 12. This is only possible to do on the Expert part of the Photoshop under the Enhance category for this version.

To make this project possible you will need basic camera equipment's like a tripod and a camera. You will need a tripod because the camera has to stay in one position and if its moved, you won't be able to merge the pictures because the background won't be equal.

As of getting this kind of effect, I took a picture of the background first with no people in it and I go on with taking pictures of my models to act out the positions I wanted them to do in different places but same background so they won't overlap when merged.

On this picture there's only Rein moving towards Henriel because my topic is about making the first move to approach someone to make friends with and this was taken during the kindness month so I tried to come up with an idea about kindness. I took a lot of pictures of different topics but I won't include them here.

I used these pictures to create this project :

( Main Background)