Zack's Photomerge SceneCleaner (SceneDirtier)

8:45 AM Zack 9-05 0 Comments

Taking a picture of this type involves getting a stationary background and having your model move around that background so that when you merge the photos there are multiples of your model or models if you have more than one and it makes the photos come together in one photo for a really cool effect.

To create an image of this type, you have to use the "Photomerge SceneCleaner" tool under the Enhance category of Photoshop Elements. When using the tool you have to basically paint over each version of your model (Photoshop explains all of this when you're using it). If you have to erase an area you can, and you can even see which regions of the photos are being mixed into the one photo. It's pretty cool but hard to explain without just showing what to do or reading a professionals explanation.

This photo turned out pretty well and without tears. This was because I had Sebastian move around but not so that he overlapped a previous self or even came into the area around another self. The reflections of the separate Sebastians also remained intact which helped make this photo look real.

I believe this image to look like a dream by a man within an isolated prison cell. The multiple selves represent the man trying to cope with his isolation by being around himself considering he doesn't have anyone else to be with. The all white hall represents the white walls of the isolated prison cell and the exits represent the man's struggle to exit his isolation.

These are the four photos I used to create this photo: