Franzene's Photomerge Scene Cleaner/Dirtier

10:32 AM Franzene Medina 0 Comments

In order for me to create this picture, I had to use a tripod to take the photos.  Without moving, you or a friend need to take multiple pictures of the same motion or action you're trying to do in this particular project. In this case, Francheska took 4 photos of me throwing a shirt on the stage and fortunately, I got the motion of it falling down. After taking all the pictures I needed, I gathered them and merged all the pictures on Adobe Photoshop Elements 12. I tried to pick the pictures that were spaced out and easy to merge so the action would appear clear to the eyes. Once I was happy with my picture, I edited it and made my final picture lighter. I also adjusted the exposure and contrast of the picture. After I was happy with the picture, the last thing that I did was to crop my finished product since there were parts of the picture that I wanted to get rid of.

          This picture is about me throwing a shirt on the stage after a long tiring day. I tried getting the motion of the shirt falling down with no blurs and thanks to photo merge, I got the action of it.

Credits to Francheska Benamir