AJ's PhotoMerge Scene Cleaner

9:42 AM AJ Fabros 0 Comments

In order to take a photo like this, you need a person doing something in separate places so the person can get into the photo easily if you use Photo Merge. (I went to spots where two pictures overlap so I only used 3 photos.)

If you're going to make this happen, you'll need Photoshop Elements. To get this kind of picture, you'll need to insert all the pictures that you have and place them in there. When placed, you go to Enhance. Then click on the Photomerge button at the end of the choices. You then click on Photomerge Scene Cleaner to get it going.

When you click on it, you put up the photos you wish to mess around. You then have colour coded frames around the pictures indicating what goes in the final thing. You then shade the thing you want to include in the final outcome.