Francesca's Photomerge Scene Cleaner

10:34 AM Francesca 9-02 0 Comments

How do you merge pictures? To make this type of image, you must first take photos. It's best if you use a tripod to make sure your shot and angle is the same for all of them. After taking your pictures, open up Photoshop Elements. Once you're finally in the software, which takes forever if you're working in the library, click on expert. On the top right hand corner, click file. Open up two to ten photos you would like to merge. Next, click enhance. Drop down to Photomerge and click Photomerge Scene Cleaner. You're done! Well, almost. By then, two rectangles will appear on the screen. Open photo bin and drag a photo to the right rectangle where you will have your merged photo. Once that's done, select the image you want to add by clicking on it and it will appear on the left rectangle, With the pencil tool, highlight the part you want to insert. Just like that, the highlighted part will transferred to the picture on the right. Continue this process until you are happy with how your product looks.
My picture is trying to show Rachille really hungry and so she climbs the canteen to take a bag of chips but found that it was closed. Instead of stealing, she jumps back down and strikes a pose.