Sebastian's Photo Merge Scene Cleaner

8:13 AM Sebastian Escasinas 0 Comments

Here is my final product of Scene Cleaner Photo merge

Here are my 3 raw photo's

   It;s not hard to make this kind of photo because you just need to take few photos and open up Photoshop to make it into one fianl picture

  To make this kind of photo, you need multiple different photo's. The camera shouldn't move. You need to use "Photo merge Scene Cleaner". The subjects move from different positions. Make sure you have empty spots so you can add the subjects in one photo.           I had Haifa and Kyla as my models and it turned out pretty well                                                          because they can do different poses. They moved

   This photo is showing you that they are friends and they can do different kinds of things. The people sitting is like imagining something they can do in the future. The multiple different versions of them represents the the things that the people sitting can do.