Haifa's Photo Merge Scene Cleaner

8:09 AM haifa grefalda 0 Comments

This is my photo merge. In order to create this type of picture, you will need a tripod, a camera, and a model. You will need a tripod to make sure the camera doesn’t move, it has to stay in one spot. Then your model has to pose for you, take as many pictures as you like, and then your model has to keep posing in different places, make sure they don’t go on the same spot, they should not be overlapping. After that you can just use photo shop to merge them.

My photo merge doesn’t really tell a story but basically it’s just three group of friends, (a.k.a. Kyla, Sebastian, and Zach) doing what they always do in the hallway. There is Kyla sitting alone near the recycling bin, and the three of them laying down on the floor, three of them standing near the lockers, and just them doing stuff in the hallway.