Louanne's Photo Merge Scene Cleaner

6:17 AM Louanne Macaraig 0 Comments

          This is my photo merge assignment. To make this type of photo, you will need a tripod, a camera and a model. For this picture, I'm the model and shout out to Charlene Fauni for taking these pictures. Also you need a tripod to make sure that the camera won't move and it will stay in one spot. If it's not in one spot the background would be all over the place.
           I edited this in Photoshop Elements, which I found easier that I thought it would be. I played around with the Smart Fix, Sharpen Tool, Exposure and Color. I used the Color Tool so the color pops out. 
          The picture is showing a "monkey" (aka me) climbing the monkey bars to get to the other side but when she sees the camera, she poses. She likes the camera. 

Here are some pictures I used;