Dean's Photo merge Scene Cleaner

8:47 AM Dean Patio 0 Comments

Here's my final photomerge assignment

Taken by: Fili Domingo
Here are my 3 raw images:

To make this type of photo, you have to take pictures in the exact same place. Take photos from different spots. Make sure you have empty spots, so you can add the subjects in a clean place. After you finish taking the photos, go to Photoshop Elements and open all the photos you took.Go to Enhance, select Photomerge, Scene Cleaner. Then highlight around the subjects you want to place in your final photo.
This photo is trying to tell that they’re all clones with different personalities. The two in the middle just can’t agree with each other so they decided to just fight it off. While the one on the right is observant. The one on the left is very curious about its surroundings.