Fili's Photo Merge Scene Cleaner

8:08 AM Fili Rm 9-02 0 Comments

Here's my FINAL product of the photo merge assignment.
(Photos taken by Kiel! LOT'S OF CREDIT TO HIM)

Here are my 3 RAW photos that I used for the final product.

Now, to make this kind of photo, (the final photo), you'll need a couple of images. Images that have spacing between each other, so that when you want to "photo merge" the photos, it wouldn't look like you're missing parts of your body. After you have a taken a couple of photos, you'll now need to put them on Photo Shop Elements. A tip about your photos, is that they should convey a story. So an example would be like a girl swinging on a swing then jumping off. Or something crazy like talking to yourself, and looking down at yourself. Now when you are in Photo Shop Elements, you'd want to go "Enhance," and find "Photomerge," and then "Scene Cleaner." You'll then put a photo on one side, and outlining the other pictures on another. Then you should end up with a photo with multiples of you and you doing something.

What this photo is trying to convey is fairly simple. It's trying to tell you that, i'm crazy and stupid. Naw, not really. Well possibly. I'm talking myself, looking down at myself, and looking at one side alone. Weird isn't it? Yeah, it is.