Coleen's Scene Cleaner Photomerge

9:05 AM coleen cabahug 0 Comments

 This is my photo merge. The materials you'll be needing to have this type of photo is; a tripod and well working camera. Then you use a model like this one, I used Angeline as my model. You then pick a place that you want as your background but it has to be still (don't forget the lighting). And you take 5-7 pictures, but they all have to be in different spots and poses.
   As you finish taking picture, you use the computer and use the program called "Adobe Photoshop". This is where your last piece takes place. So in Adobe Photoshop you open all the pictures you have taken, you then find the word "Enhance". You'll see below the word called "photo merge" then click "Scene Cleaner". You'll notice there is a brush, and that brush is what combines your photo, so outline your model, and there you go.
   The story behind this photo is that happiness isn't shown in a way, it can be shown in multiple ways.