Angela's Photomerge Scene Cleaner

8:43 AM angela romero 0 Comments

Here is my photo merge picture

To take a photo merge picture, you would need to take multiple pictures of the same background. The camera would need to be still and in the same position while taking the pictures. What I did to make a photo merge is I had my friend, Francheska to pose in different areas of the hallway. You can ask your model to do anything such as dribble a basketball, jump around as long as the background stays the same. After taking the pictures, I went to Adobe Photoshop and go to photo merge, photo enhance, then go to scene cleaner.

Francheska was posing in various ways. One picture, she was leaning on the wall and dramatically looking at the side. While on some picture, she was hugging the door and the wall while laughing. What I want is Francheska to have a various expression and to be in different areas.

These are some of the pictures that I took to make a photo merge