Anthony's Photomerge Scene Cleaner/Dirtier

8:38 AM Anthony Latiza 0 Comments

     To make this type of image is that you need to have a certain type of camera so you can take the photos, but you have to keep the camera on something that will make it not move or fidget at all, for example, using a tripod. I had to take 10 exact photos on the same place, but the person/thing you're trying to photo merge has to be moving at different places. So when you photo merge it in Photoshop Elements it'll look like it's all in one photo. However, if you have a photo that isn't matching to the other photos you took and when you try to photo merge it the picture will be out of shape. The thing that I did with my photo merge is having people to shoot a basketball.

     My photo merge picture is trying to show people how to shoot a basketball and it also tells them how to do a lay-up. It shows us how we can play basketball by ourselves, you don't need friends to play sports with.