Clarisabel's Photomerge SceneCleaner Assignment

8:37 AM Clarisabel Catipon 0 Comments

Photomerge Assignment 

The way I accomplished this photo is by using a tripod and not moving the camera so the pictures would a line together. First I had Francheska hold one door open then the other. I had her come out of the door by placing a chair to hold the door open. I had to photoshop the chair out of the image. To fill in the other open spaces I had her stand by herself and talk to herself. Then by using Photomerge I put all the images together.

The story I was trying to tell was Francheska opening the door for Francheska. Then off to the side I had her making a conversation with herself. On the left side we have the ‘outcast’ Francheska (she's the sad lonely Francheska).