Kimberly's Photomerge Scene Cleaner

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This is my Photomerge and Scene Cleaner Assignment.

     To effortlessly take this type of imagery, you will need three things: a camera, a model or models, and a tripod—because trust me, no matter how hard you try, you can’t persistently stay still. Start off with your models trying different poses and facial expressions. Experiment with your model’s positioning to help convey your story. When taking your pictures, always consider if there had been any background changes in your photos that could impact your end result. Something as simple as a shadow or a slight shift to the left could easily disturb the alignment of your photos—making it more difficult to blend.

     To merge your photos, you would use Adobe Photoshop Elements. From the three sections, you would choose “expert,” start off with opening your background picture. Then, click file, place, to insert your next picture. Once your picture is set and aligned, you can erase any unnecessary space. Continue the process until you are happy with your result. With my picture, I actually ended up selecting specific areas by using the lasso and magic wand icons. I wanted to experiment with exposure and brightness levels to create a fading effect.   

     The story I’m trying to convey is quite heart-rending. The story begins with a couple of best friends; two individuals who brings out each other’s best qualities. No matter the circumstances—you know, you always have someone to catch you when you fall. That person who will climb mountains, just to see you once again. However, when you thought to be at the peak, you were foolishly mistaken. Life is not a movie; you don’t always get happily ever afters. We make mistakes abundantly, such as trusting people too easily. That person who we always thought to be by our side won’t be there forever. There are factors in life that we can’t always control. That person who was once our best friend could instantly become another face in the crowd.

Photos I Used: