Alane's Photomerge Scene Cleaner/Dirtier

10:38 AM Mary Alane Gargoles 0 Comments

To make this kind of picture, I took 7 pictures of Lisbeth with different positions on the basketball key and one picture of just the background. This photo was taken with a tripod so the camera would be stable and able to take the pictures with all the same angles. After I've gathered all the pictures I needed, I merged all of the pictures on Adobe Photoshop Elements 12.  I tried spacing Lisbeth out on the key as much as possible so it would be very easy to merge. However, there was three pictures where Lisbeth overlaps with herself. To make the two pictures of Lisbeth appear as if it where behind the first picture of her, I used the zoom tool. The zoom tool helped me to see tiny details and take out the parts of the picture I didn't need. For example, I took out an extra limb without cutting of her body. Once I was happy with the merged picture, I cropped and aligned the picture so it wouldn't be slanted. I did not add effects since the lighting was already very nice in the gym. Therefore, this is the finished product.

This picture is about Lisbeth taking a foul shot. Her defensive players is herself and as well as her offensive players.