Henrielle's Photmerge Scene Cleaner

8:35 AM Henrielle 9-05 0 Comments

(Photo Merge Finished Product)

I don't really have a concept here. So basically three people choosing a book and discussing what it is about(last raw photo). The frames of each photo changed (since the fire nation attack.//bricked sorry) It's a first trial and I forgot that I shouldn't be moving the camera.(again sorry about that). If you want to create a photo merge like this. You need to take as much photo as you want, as long as the people in your photo won't overlapped each other. If you look at my photo merge, Rein's pose of reaching a book and Angelica standing are overlapping. If you look closely at that  part you'll see that by Rein's hips you could see the books. Which is annoying when you try to fix it. So anyways, go to enhance,PhotoMerge then click scene cleaner. Then just put on the photo want to put the edits to, then highlight which part of the other photos you want in the last photo and it will automatically do the job for you.

Raw Pictures: