Yen's Photomerge SceneCleaner/Dirtier

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Photomerge Assignment

                    To create this super cool image, a tripod, at least one subject, and of course a camera is needed. First, you are to position your tripod with the backround you want. You have to take several photos so that you can later move each selected subject in a base image that it may have not been in before. Just like in the photo I've created, I took 5 different photos, then used the photomerge option to make the scene "dirtier". That really means to add things to photos that might really be there.

                  In my photo, it is how I feel about Clarisabel. She is always everywhere, just talking, and in her own world. She's having a conversation with herself, talking to no one. She just keeps talking all the time. Then she is posing with a basketball, because "Ball is life" - Clarisabel, 2015. Then there I am, just wondering what is she saying, like what and what is she talking about??? This image basically is what's in my head when CLarisabel is around.