Heart's Photomerge Scene Cleaner

10:29 PM Heart Parnala 0 Comments

In order to make this picture, you will need: a tripod, a camera, and a model. As you can see in the picture above, there is not a single picture where the person is blocking another person's angle/ view. Make sure you spread out the pictures. While taking your shots, keep in mind that moving your tripod will cause all the pictures you are going to take to not align with each other. Another tip is that do not EVER play with the brightness while taking these pictures. The shots will end up not blending with each other. To merge your stuff altogether, you will need to go to Photoshop Elements. Out of the three areas, you need to choose "Expert" then open all your files. After that, click "Enhance" at the very top of the screen. Then, the "Photoshop Elements" button then choose "Scene Cleaner". You can watch the full and detailed video tutorial here.

In this picture, coo- coo Francesca is having too much fun playing on a playground structure in the middle of a winter season. One of the scene in this picture is where Francesca is looking down at herself which looks silly because it REALLY seems like she cloned herself into 6 people and decided that it would be a great idea to go outside on a freezing weather and just have fun with herself and her clones. HAHA

These are the raw photos I used: