Justine's Photomerge Scene Cleaner

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Here's my Photomerge Scene Cleaner Assignment:
Here are the pictures I used:

For this assignment, the equipment that you will need are a camera and a tripod. To create this kind of photo, take 4-6 photos with models and for this one I have Charlene and Heart. Take multiple photos of them doing something, it wouldn't work if the models stays in the same shot, so they have to move.The background has to be the same and the lighting too. After taking photos, you proceed to merging the photos using the app called “Adobe Photoshop”. First off click open and pick the images you want to merge. After this, go “Enhance” and select the “Photomerge Scene Cleaner “. The pictures will load after you have selected them. Now Photomerge Scene Cleaner will have two boxes, the right one is for the one you're merging and the left side the one where your final product is. After merging your photos just click done and save and you're finally finished!

The story behind this picture is nothing fancy, it’s  just getting together with someone you’re close with and being happy with each other. I took the pictures near Christmas holiday so I thought a christmas theme one!