Getting to Know your Camera

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Our first assignment will be learning about cameras.

Shots and Angles Assignment 2015


Camera Shots        Camera Angles    Composition        Rule of Thirds
Extreme Long Shot    Long Shot        Medium Shot        Chest Shot
Extreme Close Up    Over the Shoulder     Shot  Two- Shot    Point of View
Eye level        High Angle Level    Oblique Shot


                        PART ONE: RESEARCH
  • On your own search the internet and read up on the different shots and angles above.
  • For each term find an image you are allowed to use on the internet  as well as a definition that you will be able to use as a reference throughout the year
  • Include a list of where you found information(citations and URL's are a must)
** Students must show me complete notes before moving on to part two**


  • Take photos that represent each of the shots, angles and miscellaneous terms 
  •  You will be sharing a camera but each student will be expected to take their own photos
  •  You will use Jumpy Jump day to take your photos.
  • Using the photos you took create a Google Presentation  each term should have an image slide you found on the internet,  an image you have taken followed by a definition slide.
  • You should have a title slide that includes your name, course title , teacher’s name as well as assignment name.
  • Last slide should reference where you found your original information.

Be sure to embed your presentation at the blog.