Patrick's Photo Merge Scene Cleaner

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Here's My Photo Merge


Write Up:
To make  a Photo Merge you have to have at least 5-10 photos in your photo bin. You also have to move in the picture and have a focus point using a tripod,so photoshop elements can line up your pictures easier. Once you took your pictures go to photo shop elements where you will go take your 10 to 5 pictures, click enhance, photo merge then , scene cleaner, but don't forget that you are not going to use all your all the pictures you took so make sure you choose wisely.  Pick one of your picture as the final photo.Then trace the other photos you want to include in your final picture. It might make little errors but its okay. After that if you are satisfied click save, and if your'e not you can crop and edit your photo.
My photo is trying to show people how to do a reverse layup and how to do your approach when doing a layup.

Credits: Anthony Latiza