Aaron's Photo Merge Scene Cleaner

12:33 PM Aaron Dimacali 0 Comments

Some of the photos I used:

This is my Photo Merge Scene Cleaner assignment. The final product is not that bad (with the exception that my right hand could not fit into the picture, but I guess that's okay).

In order to create this type of image, you need to open up Photoshop Elements and go into "Expert" mode. From there, open up all of your pictures. Then, find the enhance button at the top of the window and select from the drop-down menu "Photomerge". After hovering over "Photomerge", select from the options the option "Photomerge Scene Cleaner." Then, select all of your photos and select the parts you want to save by using the "Pencil tool". Your finished product should look something like mine, but it should be better.

The story I was trying to tell is the story of a man that only had one other friend and needed a group for a group project. He searched high and low, but could only find one other friend. He teamed up with his friend, his close friend. With the man filling in 3/5 of the slots, and his friend filling in 2/5 of the slots, the two men formed their team, and called it "The Posse of Two". The Posse of Two went into the classroom, finished the project before any of the other groups (which seems impossible, I know), and managed to score a very high mark on the project. Satisfied, the two men left the classroom, and everyone around the school knew them as "The Posse of Two".