The Power Of Photography

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The Power of photography

#10) Image #29, I feel like this photo is significant because it shows that we shouldn’t be prejudice against people because of their race or religion, only a small portion of people are actually what you think they are.

#9) Image #30, This photo is powerful towards me because, it shows how important the love of parents towards their child is, after all these year, they still haven’t found their child and are still looking, shows how strong love is and how powerful it can be, and it shows that if you don’t give up then there is always hope.

#8) Image #14, This image is powerful because through the picture it shows things like love, in how the child cared so much for his dad that he is literally dragging his dad to make him conscious again. It shows how parents should always live for their child and not because of their wants and needs because in the photo it looks like the child is unschooled and is probably spending majority of his times taking care of his father.

#7) Image #10,  This photo is powerful because it has the attraction to make a person cry, some people may look at this and cry because of sympathy because the feel so lucky to be living with their family all safe under a roof without having to care about the fact that they can die at any minute, others might cry out of empathy because they know what it is like to survive in harsh circumstances so that they can see their loved ones again even if it's just for a couple of minutes and to be able to hug and cherish their beloved.

#6) Image #7, This picture shows a young man crying on the floor at dawn and he looks like he has been through a lot the night before and he just found out that his brother just died. This photo is powerful because it represent the deep feeling inside a person, from the outside the young man by his appearance looks tough and almost gang like, but his face shows a young soul crying out for his brother, the one that he probably looked up to or loved a lot in his life.

#5) Image #4, A father and son’s relationship is always important, this photo shows an old man with his middle aged son along with a photo of him during his middle years and his son when the son was a young child., it shows that when you are young your parents take care of you and treat you like a precious, then when you get old you start to realize that you will be the one taking care of your parents, and loving them with care because they did all they can for you so now you have to do all you can for them.

#4) Image #2, This photo shows a part of our history that can easily be called the worst part of history in history, the gas chamber was meant for killing the people that others did not feel  they were worthy to be living, the scratches on the walls are significant because it showed the amount of innocent people that were being forced to die without a reason and how hard people tried to fight back and live, but eventually they all die without a reason and without a power to fight back.

#3) Image #1, In a world where hunger is one of the most powerful crisis thing right now, to top it off this picture of a starving child’s hand holding a well fed army man is sad and powerful because it shows that we as a developed country are very blessed to have food and a home, without having any ruckus around yelling at you and potentially beating you, it shows how lucky we are to live in a place without any disruption and to be able to eat whatever we want because it’s all provided to us.

#2) Image #12 This photo is powerful to the human eye because we all known to once in our life to have a pet, to see your pet bleeding on a table dead is one of the most worst thing you can ever witness in your life, this photo showed a lot of emotions and all the empathy that are contained in the photo makes so powerful a single tear can shed from your eye.

#1) Image #3 This photo is the most powerful one in my mind because it shows many things. One thing it showed that made it powerful was the fact that the surgeon was still determined, so much that you can see it in his face, all the wires and contraptions made it also powerful too, it showed that so many things and people do so many things just to be able to see that person smile again, for that person to be able to laugh and have a normal conversation with their loved ones. it may be just a photo, but when you look closely you can see all the words that are hidden in the whole picture.