Angelo's Photomerge Scene Cleaner/Dirtier

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Photo Merge Assignment- Angelo Antioquia
3 Raw Photos                                                                                                                                    Credits: Anthony Latiza

   To make this type of image, you'll need have a center point that is being force and a camera that is staying still and one place, you’ll will also need a tripod to hold your camera in place. You might need a ball or something that is moving or doing some kind of action for example: This photo merge is telling how to play dodge-ball by yourself, if you have no one to play with or how to throw a ball at someone, you can also do a lot more than I did. The things I had to do was move around in different place so it doesn't look like a mess because as you can see, I kind of messed up on the one I'm throwing the ball and was over lapping me in the other picture 

  The thing I'm showing in this photo was, me playing dodge-ball all by myself. I was was trying to reenact, how people like I playing dodge-ball.