Fili's Panorama Post

12:28 PM Fili Rm 9-02 0 Comments

Here are my panoramas:
# 1:

# 2:


Here are the RAW photos for both places:
Scene 1:

Scene 2:

So, for my panoramas, they all look the same. Literally. Some cars and houses. However they are different. Well, in some way they are. For scene 1, I chose reposition, and "Auto." Auto meaning, I let Photoshop Elements do the merging for me. For scene 2, I chose cyndrical. Now for the differences between reposition and cyndrical of the first scene are that, reposition seems to be more "circular," than "auto." And auto seems to be more straight than reposition. Now for scene 2, cyndrical seems to be the "inbetween" of reposition and auto.