Lisbeth's Macro Photography

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Lisbeth's Macro Photography assignment


Angelica's Macro Photography

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 This is my Macro-Photography Assignment. 



Zack's Macro Photography Post

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Zack's Macro Photography Powerpoint Thing


Lisbeth's Panorama Assignment

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Spherical Panorama


Tran's photomerge scene cleaner

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This is my Photomerge Scene Cleaner. I took multiple pictures of Karl doing parkour. How I did it was actually simple, I started by taking a couple of photos of my model moving in a horizontal view. After I feel happy with my pictures, I go back onto the computer and open up Adobe Photoshops, then I went to Photomerge Scene Cleaner and through there, there are steps on how to do the photomerge. When making the photo merge, make sure that all you model's limbs are not missing and it should look perfectly great and fine.


Kathleen's Photomerge scene cleaner

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How to make this photo? Well the first part is pretty simple. First you'll need a camera to take pictures and a tripod for it to stand still. Then find a place you want your picture to take place, a place with lots of lights is best. You'll need a model, it can be someone, or maybe yourself with someone taking picture of you. When taking pictures of actions, you might want to put it on sport mode. Take at least five pictures of someone doing something or moving around.
After you finish taking the pictures, go on to a computer, log in, input your pictures to your computer and go to Photoshop elements, photo editor. Open and select your pictures from your file, and go to enhance, photo merge, photo merge scene cleaner. Drag a photo to the empty box, the last one usually works best. Then select your pencil tool and outline each pictures of your model, and it will appear to the box on the right. Make sure to not miss a body part, then your done!

This story is about a girl trying to sneak away from the people who are trying to lock her up in a basement.


Pearl's Photomerge Scene Cleaner

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Here is my Photomerge Scene Cleaner Assignment
To make this picture, you will need; a model, a camera and a tripod. Be sure to use a tripod to keep your shots as still as possible. As you can see in the picture above, I used Louanne as my model. I took about 6-10 pictures of her doing a cartwheel for me to choose from.
I edited this photo in Adobe Photoshop Elements and used the photomerge scene cleaner mode. I merged a total of 4 pictures altogether, then I changed the lighting and adjusted the brightness. I also added contrast and played with the exposure.
This picture is showing my model, Louanne, doing a cartwheel. Here are some of the photos I used to make this;


Lisbeth's Photo Merge Scene Cleaner/Dirtier

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For this photo-merge assignment I tried to make Alane and Chiara look like they owned the hall way. I merged 3 photos altogether, changed the lighting and adjusted the brightness. I used a small tripod from a low angle to capture the natural light, and I changed aperture. I put it in Adobe Photoshop and used scene cleaner to merge the photos.


Sebastian's Panorama

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    The three panorama's I used are perspective, spherical, and reposition. These panorama's are different because of the shapes. It changes the way how the pictures are combined. I like the perspective one because I like how the picture became striaght


We are Sargent Park

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Your assignment is to make a 3-4 minute video about this school.

  • What is it? 
  • Why is it special? 
  • What makes Sargent Park.... Sargent Park??

You will have to storyboard your movie, gather still photos and video clips.  We will then use iMovie to put it all together.

You have 4 classes to make and complete this assignment.  You will be in groups. It will be important to share the work load.

4 Classes is not a lot of time.  This will require you to have homework and complete things outside of school time.

We have lots of video and photos on the Vdrive.  It is up to you to create all artistic elements to your movie.

This is an example of what can be done.

Marking rubric to follow.....

Good luck


Chiara's Panorama Post

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Cylindrical Panorama 
This panorama gives the effect of a wide angle lens. The center of the picture bulges out a little bit. 
Collage Panorama
This panorama puts the pictures side by side and matches the sides that are the same in the two pictures. The ends are slightly angled to match the same side of the other picture, almost like a puzzle piece.

Spherical Panorama
This panorama puts both pictures together in a way where the main focus point/structure looks normal but it's surroundings are adjusted to a curve.

*My trials were not successful, Photoshop Elements wouldn't count my 3rd picture because it did not match up with the first 2*