Kathleen's Photomerge scene cleaner

4:58 PM Kathleen Centeno 0 Comments

How to make this photo? Well the first part is pretty simple. First you'll need a camera to take pictures and a tripod for it to stand still. Then find a place you want your picture to take place, a place with lots of lights is best. You'll need a model, it can be someone, or maybe yourself with someone taking picture of you. When taking pictures of actions, you might want to put it on sport mode. Take at least five pictures of someone doing something or moving around.
After you finish taking the pictures, go on to a computer, log in, input your pictures to your computer and go to Photoshop elements, photo editor. Open and select your pictures from your file, and go to enhance, photo merge, photo merge scene cleaner. Drag a photo to the empty box, the last one usually works best. Then select your pencil tool and outline each pictures of your model, and it will appear to the box on the right. Make sure to not miss a body part, then your done!

This story is about a girl trying to sneak away from the people who are trying to lock her up in a basement.