Getting to know your DSLR

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It is great to have a fancy camera that does many things.  Many of us use the automatic presets only.  When we need to stretch our knowledge of the camera.

You will research the following terms.  Just like your last assignment you will be required to have a Google Presentation.  There will be 3 slides for each definition. One should have a definition of the camera topic, the second and third should be examples of what you have learned.

Here is another great link for how to use your DSLR in manual mode.


White Balance

P Program Mode

TV Shutter Priority Mode
A Aperture Priority Mode
M Manual Mode

Here are 21 practical settings and techniques when using a DSLR. This site will help you complete the following slides.

How to Hold a Digital Camera
Introduction to White Balance
Automatic Exposure Bracketing (AEB)
Shutter Release Technique 
 How to Use Focal Lock

Getting Horizons Horizontal 
Fill Your Frame
Getting Backgrounds Right
 Adding Randomness to Your Photos